Utilizing the Volunteer Feature

The Volunteer feature on your Crossbar site, allows for easy management of volunteer events, volunteer sign-up, and volunteer hour tracking. 

To utilize the Volunteer Feature, follow the steps below:

When logged in, navigate to the Dashboard and click on the Volunteer page from your left hand menu. From this page you can:

  • View your Required, Completed, Committed & Remaining volunteer shifts; this view will also show for club members on their Volunteer tab, and is where they will access Volunteer Sign Ups.
  • View & edit the existing Volunteer Sessions on your site.
  • Click “Report” at the top right to view the number of required, completed, and committed hours per player.
    • Hours are logged in this system the morning after the shift is completed.

Volunteer Sessions:

Your drafted and active Volunteer Sessions will show on your Volunteer tab of the Dashboard:

  • To get more detail or edit existing Volunteer Opportunities, click "More Information" under the Volunteer Opportunity you'd like to view. This will allow you to do the following:
    • Edit the visibility of the Volunteer Opportunity with the Red/Green toggle at the top right
    • Edit the Volunteer Opportunity itself by clicking "Edit Session"
    • View or Edit the Role Instructions for this Volunteer Opportunity
    • Export Shifts & Assignments into Excel
    • View a "Change Log" of any adjustments made to volunteer assignments by other club administrators
    • Email your volunteers
    • Filter the view of the Volunteer Opportunity by Status (All, Filled, or Available), Dates, Locations, or Role Type
    • Delete Shifts or Add New Shifts

While editing the Volunteer Session, you can also edit your Volunteer Shift Assignments.

  • This is helpful for cases when someone has verbally signed up, but needs to be tracked within the system.
  • To assign a shift, “assign” button on a shift time and search/select the correct club member's name.
  • To remove an assignment, click the red Minus button next to a volunteer's name.

Creating a New Volunteer Session:

  • From the Volunteer Page on your Dashboard, select "New Session" in the top right to create a new Volunteer Opportunity.
  • Fill out the Volunteer Session Name, Description, and the window of time in which members can cancel their assignment to a shift and select "Save"The next page will prompt you to upload the shifts that should be included for Volunteers to sign up for.
    • This page has a built in template [shifts-template.xlsx] you can download and complete
    • On the template, please fill information out in the Location, Start Time, End Time, and Role Columns
    • If you have more than one role per start and end time, you can complete those in the additional role columns, or leave blank if there is only one role available during that time slot.
    • The Value column is designed for cases when you'd like to override the time value for a shift. (For example, if your volunteers are required to serve 4 hours of volunteer time per season, and you'd like for a volunteer event that is only 2 hours long to count for 4 hours instead, you can enter “4” into the Value column to override the time of 2 hours. If you do not need to do this, you can leave blank and the value will default to the time of the shift, in this example, 2 hours).
  • After uploading your shifts, add descriptions or instructions for each role assignment.
    • These instructions will be included in an email sent to volunteers in a reminder email sent 24 hours in advance of their volunteer shift. Their shift will also get added to their schedule, so it shows on their Family Calendar/personal calendar.
    • Save and adjust the red/green toggle at the top right of the next page to set this Volunteer Opportunity live. Then, your members will be able to access that Volunteer Session by going to their Account -> Volunteer.

If this did not answer your question or you have questions about any step in the process, please reach out to us at help@crossbar.org, and we’re happy to help!

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